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We are committed to guaranteeing the best results, always keeping up with the times.


Our technologies aim to optimize the work and know everything about a product to make the procedures from the entry of the same to its evasion in the shortest possible time, minimizing errors.

With a large number of items or with large quantities of product, the management of a warehouse also requires the use of technological and IT tools necessary for its optimization:

  • Coding and identification of goods with bar code.
  • Mapping of warehouse areas, down to the single location.
  • Use of Portable Terminals connected in real time via RF (radio frequency).
  • Specialized software dedicated to warehouse logistics management.


Through the tools implemented, the warehouse can be managed efficiently, obtaining significant cost savings through:

  • Stock reduction. The precise knowledge of the real stocks in the warehouse allows a reduction of the necessary stocks for the same requirement.
  • Reduction of time. The knowledge of the precise location of the product and the consequent possibility of sequencing the picking orders, allow much faster order fulfillment times.
  • Greater capacity. The ability to place and store the goods randomly, while still maintaining their traceability and availability, and the introduction of space optimization criteria, result in a greater physical capacity of the warehouse for the same available space.
  • Greater efficiency. The partial “disconnection” of the activity in the warehouse from the “mnemonic” capabilities of the operators and the standardization of the operations of depositing, picking up, moving and shipping goods, produce greater efficiency in the activity of operators thanks to greater flexibility and better use human resources employed.
  • Traceability of all operations and flows by product, by operator, by type of transaction.
  • Import and export of digital flows in automatic form with data reception / transmission both under FTP and direct link.
  • Use of server farm, Cloud, direct remote desktop.
  • EDI integrated.
  • Automatic messaging.